Grants & Funding

There are numerous grant and funding opportunities available for new and existing farming, and horticulture operations available in Northern Ontario. In many cases there are incentives and funding specific to establishing operations in this region that are not available in other locations. Use the list below to browse the various associations and program providers and the educational and funding opportunities provided by each.


OMAFRA              Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farming & Rural Affairs 



Beef North – Supporting the expansion of the Ontario’s cow herd into Northern Ontario to provide affordable opportunities and employment for farmers. Links to education, funding etc.,

farm north.png

Farm North – Information source for agriculture in Northern Ontario



North Claybelt Community Futures Development Corporation – Financial & Counselling assistance for new and existing small businesses in the region.



Northeast Community Network – Le Réseau Communautaire du Nord-Est – promotes collaborative economic development, applied research and support for forestry, mining, agriculture and tourism as well as business development in Northeastern Ontario.



Rural Agri-Innovation Network – Supports the innovation and development of sustainable agricultural practices in Northern Ontario




Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance – support research, advancement and innovation in Northern Ontario Farming.





Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association -producer education, local association development, program delivery, and consumer outreach. Includes funding under SARPAL programs.





Farm Credit Canada – support and finance for Canadian agriculture, agribusiness and agri-food.



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