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Welcome to the Village of Fauquier!

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Housing Schools – Bus service available to Moonbeam & Kapuskasing Schools

Town of Fauquier-Strickland Municipal Offices

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The first settler, Alphonse Brunet, arrived in 1909 to what would later become the town of Fauquier, where he established a farm on the hill overlooking what would later become the railway and Highway 11. The current township of Fauquier-Strickland includes the smaller communities of Strickland and Gregoire Mills.


The town of Fauquier is located at the junction of Highway 11 and Groundhog River. The township covers approximately 1,012.90 km2  with a population density of 0.5 people for every km2 compared that to  Toronto : 4149.5 persons per km2, Montreal 4,517 persons per km2, Kitchener-Waterloo 576.7 persons per km2.


2016 Census Data

Population: 536

Age Profiles: 9.3% under the age of 14

50.3% Average Working Age (15 to 60)

40% is 60+

The average age of the local population is 51.7 years old. The average household size is 2.4 persons per household.

Languages: The community is largely Francophone, however the majority of residents are bilingual in both French and English.

Average Family Income:$68,442.00

Educational Level: (that of residents of working age) 79.9% have a minimum of a High School Diploma

Highest Educational Level attained (as percentage of working age population)

High School Diploma : 32.4%

Trades: 14.7%

College Diploma: 17.8%

University Degree:15%

Types of Employment:

Trades, Manufacturing & Transport


Health Sciences


Access & Transport

Roadways in the community are well maintained, paved in the village and gravel along the surrounding concessions. Winter tires are a must if traveling in the area between October and April.

Fauquier is situated along Highway 11, part of the Trans-Canada Highway linking Eastern and Western Canada. The Ontario Northland Railway also runs through the community providing potential access to freight transportation services linking Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec over a rail system that spans from Moosonee to North Bay, and from Calstock to Rouyn Noranda, Quebec, over 700 miles of rail line. National Shipping is available via their connections in Hearst, Rouyn Noranda and North Bay.

The communities of Cochrane, Kapuskasing and Timmins offer access to Airports. It is possible to get from here to Toronto in less than 3 hours via Porter Airlines at Timmins Airport which offers twice daily connections to Downtown Toronto Billy Bishop Airport.

Ontario Northland Bus Service operates a daily service through the community traveling both west to Hearst, and East to connections in Timmins, North Bay, Sudbury, Toronto and beyond.


Auto Repair

Maurice Fraser Service Center, 12 Doyon Street, Fauquier, (705) 339-6101


Resized_20171118_153326[1] Caisse Populaire de Kapuskasing (Fauquier Branch) (705) 339-2221

Business Services


Northern Ontario Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation Services

Facebook               Website

Canada Post Agency

Depanneur Blanchette- Canada Post, L.C.B.O. Agency & Variety Store, Hwy 11, Faquier, (705) 339-2191

Carpentry & Signage

Meubles Denis Custom Furniture , Fauquier, (705) 339-2486

slys woodshop logo, Fauquier Sly’s Woodshop


Depanneur Blanchette- Canada Post, L.C.B.O. Agency & Variety Store, Hwy 11, Faquier, (705) 339-2191


Chevalier Denis Electric, Fauquier, (705) 338-2834


Ferme GG - Fauquier Ferme GG Farm & Feed Supply

Groundhog River Farm Groundhog River Farm


Fauquier Unisex Hairstyling, Hwy 11, Fauquier, (705) 339-4451

Home Construction and Building Supplies

Albert Flooring and Remodelling , Fauquier (705) 339-2300

Jean-Guy Filion, Sable-Gravier – Terre Noire, Creusage de Caves et de Fosses Septiques, Fauquier (705) 339-6271

Hunting & Trapping

21762104_1637398476304634_1178949595147011482_n.jpg Conseil des Trappeurs de Fauquier Trappers Council

L.C.B.O. Agency (Alcoholic Beverages Sales)

Depanneur Blanchette- Canada Post, L.C.B.O. Agency & Variety Store, Hwy 11, Faquier, (705) 339-2191


18622239_1396971610337998_3264760473032562227_n.jpg Groundhog Chipstand


Lakeside Studio Tattoos Fauquier Lakeside Studio Art


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