Newcomers arriving in this region of Northeastern Ontario in the early 1900’s supported their families through farming in the summers and forestry in the winters. As the local pulp and paper mills expanded and flourished to meet increasing commercial demands, farmers turned to the more lucrative employment available at the mills. However, times have changed and farmers are setting up again along the Northern Corridor, taking advantage of the affordable land, grant and funding opportunities and the growing demand for diverse, locally sourced and artisan foods.

Agriculture in the North 

Local Farmers, Market Gardeners, & Horticulture Operations in Northeastern Ontario


Ferme GG – Fauquier-Strickland 

Official Regional Floradale Feed Vendor/Vendeur officiel  Highland Cattle, Pork & Chicken – Boeufs, porcs, poules




La Chevre Laitiere de Hearst

Dairy Goat Farm located in Hallebourg (Hearst)






Groundhog River Farm

Market Garden





perras gardens

Perras Gardens

Purebred Boer Goat Breeders in Val Rita

Market Gardener



Hoof beats to silky feathers farm


Hoof Beats to Silky Feathers Farm, Opasatika





La Maison Verte – Hearst

Production de semis forestiers – Forest Seedling Production
Production de fleurs – Flower Production
Production de tomates et de concombres – Tomato & Cucumber Production
Potager – Vegetable Gardening
Coin Cadeaux et Jardin – Gift & Craft Market



Summer Station – The Old Experimental Farm, Kapuskasing

Beef, Pork and Lamb sold via Kapuskasing Meats

Strawberries – Summer 2017




CannAssist – Medical Marijuana Production Facility, Kapuskasing



Agriculture in Northeastern Ontario – Videos

Dairy Goat Farming, Cattle Farming, Market Gardening, Funding & News



Agricultural Grants, Funding, Education & Associations





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