The cost of land and housing in much of the rest of Canada has been soaring for many years. Canadians are struggling with huge mortgages, urban overcrowding, and inadequate housing along with stagnant wages. Young farmers and hobby farmers have literally been priced out of the market in most regions, and the thoughts of buying a summer cottage have become just a dream for most. Here in Northeastern Ontario however, affordable, high quality housing is available in abundance. Large tracts of land ready for farming of all varieties can be picked up for less than the cost of a couple of acres in traditional agricultural communities in Southwestern Ontario where costs can average over $15,000/acre (Waterloo Region, 2016).  Remote bush cottages,  and lakeside retreats can be purchased at reasonable prices.

To give you an idea of just how affordable living is in our communities here is a table comparing the average of cost of a single family home compared to the average family after tax income in various Canadian locations, as well as our local communities (as of November 2017).

Community Median 2+ person family after tax Income Average Price of Single Detached House Ratio (AVG. House price / Avg Income)
Toronto $78,420 $1,573,622 Avg. house price is 20 times higher than avg. household income
Kitchener Waterloo $86,930 $541,368 6.23
Montreal $76,950 $630,000 8.19
Abbotsford $73,960 $542,000 7.33
Edmonton $101,870 $449,364 4.41
Kapuskasing $81,000 $110,000 1.36
Hearst $87,855 $165,017 1.88
Moonbeam $93,250 $118,675 1.27
Smooth Rock Falls $72,349 $90,588 1.25
Fauquier $68,442 $50,000 *0.73

*Average house price is lower than average family after tax income



Local taxes are low and many of our communities offer incentives to purchase and build in our communities that you won’t find anywhere else. Other factors to consider are lower House & Automobile Insurance Premiums. Follow the links below for listings relevant to each of our local communities;

Current Listings Blog

Homes 4 Sale


Vacant Residential Lots

Cottages 4 Sale

Cottages to Rent

Farms/Rural/Bush Properties

Local Realtors & Mortgage Brokers

For local amenities and utilities provides check out the individual community pages;


Mattice- Val Cote                                          Opasatika

Val Rita-Harty

Kapuskasing                                                 Moonbeam

Fauquier                                                        Smooth Rock Falls


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