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Current Residential Properties, Cottages, and Vacant Land for sale in Smooth Rock Falls, Fauquier, Moonbeam, Kapuskasing, Val Rita, Opasatika, Mattice & Hearst.

It might be cold outside but there are lots of opportunities in the local housing market.


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Smooth Rock Falls


164 Elaine Ave, 3 bedroom, Garage, Gas Heat $25,000





214 Main St, 3 bedroom, Garage, Gas Heat $50,000


263 Main st srf.jpg


263 Main St, Detached Garage, Gas Heat, Oak Kitchen, $52,500


500 main srf.jpg


500 Main St, 2 Bed, Gas Heat, Rec Room, Garage $55,000


24 Third Ave, 2+1 bed, Large detached Garage, Gas Heat $72,500




3+2 Bedroom, Detached Garage, Central Air, Golf Course View $85,000




73 Art St., 3+1 Brick Bungalow, Garage, Gas Heat $ 90,000



29 & 31 Third Ave, 3+3 Bed (Granny Suite), Double Garage, Gas Heat, $94,900


188 Ross Rd, 3 Bed, A/G Pool, Double Detached Garage, $99,000


67 Sixth Street _1.jpg


67 6th Street, 3+3 Bed bungalow, Garage, $100,000




38 3rd Ave, 4+1 Bed, Rec Room Detached Garage, $120,000

Off -grid, Indian/Sand Lake Road, 2 Bed Log Home, Solar, Generator Hookup, Propane Furnace & Wood stove, Garage  $224,900



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Fauquier -Strickland

denise shackleton lake.jpg


Shackleton Lake, Cottage, Furnished, Woodstove, New Siding, Hot water tank & windows $14,000




33 Gauthier St, 3 Bed, Garage, Gas Heat $59,900



Geddes cottage fauquier1


1179 Fantham Rd, Fauquier 2 Bed at Watersnake Lake(Lac Gerard) $75,900


10Belanger fau


10 Belanger, 2+2 Bed, Log Home, Gas Fireplace, Large Lot, $81,900



Shackleton Lake, 283+ Acres 2 Cottages, Sheds, & Garage on Shackleton Lake




555 Blais Rd, Fauquier, 3 Bed on Watersnake Lake $149,000






Open Concept 2 Bedroom Cottage at Remi Lake, Moonbeam 







Contact Vicky  or Marc via Facebook













202 Lefebvre Peninsula, 2 Bed, Large 2 Door Storage Income Garage, Large Lot, $59,900




34 Desjardins St, 1 Bed, Woodstove @ Ouellettes Bay $75,000





229 Government Rd, 3 bed, 4.6 Acres $79,900




105 Lefebvre Peninsula, 2 Bed,  Woodstove, Waterfront on Remi Lake $118,000



149 Highway 581, 2 Bed, Waterfront, Sandbeach $119,000





91 Lefebvre, 2 bed cottage, Woodstove, Waterfront Remi Lake $119,000




11 Leonard, 2 bed, double garage $124,900




139 Lefebvre, 2 bed cottage, Woodstove, Waterfront Remi Lake $136,000




41 Lefebvre Peninsula, 2 Bed, Dock, Sunroom, Sandbeach, $159,000




217 Lefebvre Penninsula Rd, 2 Bed, Gas Fireplace, 2 Boat houses, Garage & Carport on Remi Lake$169,000




23 Domaine Portage Rd, 2 Bed, Large Lot, Garage, $179,000





61 Lefebvre, 2- bed Cottage, Woodstove, Waterfront Remi Lake $189,000


46 & 47 Lefebvre Penninsula, 2 Beds, 2 Lots, 2 Large Garages, $199,000



109 Lefebvre Pennisula, 3 Bed home, Cathedral ceilings, Gas Fireplace, Waterfront, Remi Lake $210,000



1A &1 Sailing Club Rd, 2+1 Bed w/2nd cottage 3Bed, Garage, Sandbeach, $225,000



3 Highway 581, 2+2 Bed, Gas Fireplace 2 Garages, Wheelchair Accessible, $269,900



141 Highway 581, 2 Bed, 3 Car Garage, Dock w/boat house 1.1 Acre $299,000



205 Lefebvre Peninsula Rd, Remi Lake, 3 Bed, Custom Kitchen, Cathedral Ceilings, Woodstove & Boiler, Boat Dock,Garage & 1200 sq ft. Workshop/Storage on 2nd Lot $489,000



211 Owens Rd,  10 Acres, $39,900




27 Dallyn Ave, 2 Bed, Garage, Gas Heat, Semidetached, $54,900



64 Mundy Ave, 2 Bed, Gas Heat, Hardwood, $59,900



15 Cartier, 1+1 Bed, Rec Room, $69,000



92 Concession 15 Rd Owens, 1/2 acre, 3 bed, Barn, Woodstove,$69,800




12 Erickson Ave, 3 Bed, Gas Heat,$72,000




30 Murdock St, 3 Bed, Garage, Gas $69,900



40 Thompson Rd, 3 Bed, New Kitchen, $75,000



39 Stewart Ave, 1+1Bed (Appartment) Double Garage, $78,000



14 Cherry Ave, 3+1 Bed, Garage, New Gas Furnace $80,000



11 Cartier Ave, 1 Bed, Inground pool, Garage, $82,000



50 Thompson, 3 Bed, Sheds, New Roof $82,900



13 Oak St, 2 Bed, Gas Heat, $85,000



105 Brunetville Rd, 3+2 Bed (separate basement unit), Garage$89,000




11 Cain Ave, 2 Bed, Large 26′ x 28′ Workshop, 2nd Garage, & Shed, Close to Riverside Park $89,500


86 Byng Ave, 2+1 Bed, Gas Heat, Garage $94,500



9 Victoria St, 3 Bed Semi Detached, Hardwood, Deck, Gas Heat, $105,000



263 airport, kap


263 Airport Place, 2+1 Bed, Garage, Guest House, Large Country Lot, Close to Town, $106,000



17 Brown, 3 Bed, Sunroom, Raised Bungalow, Gas Fireplace& Heat, Garage, $114,500




17 Victoria, 3+2  Bed, New Reno, Gas Heat $119,900



75 Gough Rd, 1 Acre, 3 Bed, Hardwood, Gas Heat, Detached 26′ x 32′ Heated Garage, $120,000



31 Brunelle Rd N, 2 Bed,  Gas Heat, Large Rec Room, Woodstove, $124,900



18 Hazel St, 3+1 Bed, Hardwood, Gas Fireplace, Cathedral ceiling, $135,000




8 Niagara St, 3+1 bed, new kitchen, $136,900



42 Radisson Cres, 2+1 Bed, Hardwood & Ceramic, Finished Basement, Garage $149,900



4 Erickson Ave, 2+1 Bed, Gas heat, Hardwood, Furnace & Central New 2014, Rec Room, Double Garage $149,900



13Frontenac Cres, 2+1 Bed, Roof & Siding 2016, Gas Heat, Double Garage $149,900



9 Ottawa St, 3+1 Bed, Rec Room, Garage, Large Lot, $159,000



32 Ottawa St, 2+1 Bed, Large heated Garage, Deck, Gas Heat $159,000



19 Clark St, 3 Bed, Garage, Large Lot, Sauna, Gas Heat, $ 159,900


23 Laurier 1


23 Laurier, 2+1 Bed, Rec Room, Gas Heat, Garage, $160,900



24 Stewart Ave, 4 Bed, Hardwood, Garage, Sunroom, Recroom, $168,000



30 Downs Ave, 3 Bed + 1 Bed Apartment, Gas heat,  Double Garage, $169,000



22 Pine Cres., 2 Bed, Rec Room, Gas Fireplace, Garage, $174,900



2 Nipigon, 4 Bed, Garage, Recroom, Workshop, $175,000




36 St. Clair St, 4 bed + garage, inground pool, $178,000



86 Brunelle Rd N, 3 Bed, Gas Furnace , Garage, New Renos $ 188,000




40 Kimberly Drive, River frontage, 2+2 bedroom, Fireplace, Brick Ranch Style Bungalow $229,000



124 Avenue Rd, 3+1 Bed, Gas Fireplace, Recroom, Inground Pool, Double Garage, $249,000



298 Government Rd, 4 Bed, XL Garage, .71 Acres, $249,300


126ave kap


126 Avenue Rd, 3 Bed, Double Garage, Gas Fireplace $264,900




102 Riverside Dr,  3 Bed, Riverfront, Gas Fireplace, Double Garage, $358,000


Val Rita-Harty

210 Highway 11vr

210 Highway 11 N, Val Rita , 3 Bed, Brick, Double Garage, Storage Barn, 8 Acres, $104,900




3 Bed, 27′ x 35′ foot heated garage, Newly Reno $120,000 Harty





8 Grenier Ave, Val Rita, 2+1 Bed, New Garage, Gas Heat  $136,500





21 St.Antoineopa

21 St. Antoine St., 4 Bed, Double Garage, 9.98 Acres




Mattice – Val Cote


205 Drouin Rd, Val Cote, 3 Bed, Well, 25 Acres






147 Melrosemat

147 Melrose Ave, 4 Bed, Large Lot $59,000





808 Kitchener Street,  2 Bed, Garage,   $198,000



48 Riverside hearst.jpg

48 Riverside Dr, 3 Bed, River frontage, 130 Acres, Gazebo, $325,000




68 Seventh St, 3+2 Bed, Garage, Greenhouse, Gazebo, Large Lot, Rec Room, $350,000




Vacant Residential Lots

Smooth Rock Falls

Municipal Properties

Smooth Rock Falls –  Properties available thru Tender Process closing 4pm January 15, 2018


The Municipality of Fauquier-Strickland has a number of residential building lots available for free for families to build a residence on for information about their inventory of Municipal Residential Lots at 1-705-339-2521


Contact the local Municipality for details of their inventory of Residential Lots available for purchase at; 1-705-367-2244


For information regarding the Municipalities inventory of Residental Lots available for purchase please contact; 1-705-337-4255 or email

Realtor Listed Properties;

141 Avenue Rd , 70′ x 20′ Serviced, $17,500

92 Mitchell Rd, 2 Acres River Frontage, Serviced  $40,000

84 Mitchell Rd, 1.5 Acres River Frontage, Serviced $40,000

80 Mitchell Rd, 2 Acres River Frontage, Serviced $40,000

6 Mitchell Rd, 2 Acres River Frontage, Serviced $40,000

1 Tremblay St Serviced $54,000

Val Rita – Harty

Avery Boundary Rd, Val Rita 85 Acres, Services Available $42,000

The following are properties being sold by the Municipality of Val-Rita Harty – contact 705-335-6146 for further information Google Map of Val Rita 

10 de l’Eglise Ave. 69.35FR 119.88D 8 400 6 300 $
12 de l’Eglise Ave. 105.00FR 120D 12 600 9 500 $
14 de l’Eglise Ave. (creek) 105.00FR 120D 12 600 9 500 $
16 de l’Eglise Ave. 104.88FR 120D 12 585 9 500 $
20 de l’Eglise Ave. 130.08FR 120D 15 609 10 500 $
23 de l’Eglise Ave. 180.00FR Irreg. 11 189 8 500 $
21 de l’Eglise Ave. 115.66FR Irreg. 11 059 8 500 $
17 de l’Eglise Ave. 104.95FR 112D 11 754 9 000 $
15 de l’Eglise Ave. 105.05FR 112D 11 762 9 000 $
13 de l’Eglise Ave. (creek) 105.02FR 112D 11 762 9 000 $
11 de l’Eglise Ave. 120FR 112D 13 440 10 000 $
42 du Parc Ave. 100.00FR Irreg. 9 000 $

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What does it really cost to live in Northeastern Ontario?

What does it really cost to live in Northeastern Ontario communities of Hearst, Kapuskasing & Smooth Rock Falls?

After posting  “Free Land to Build your Dream Home for the New Year – Terrain libre pour construire votre maison de rêve pour la nouvelle année” yesterday I received the following comment, and as I had already being planning a post regarding the Cost of Living in our Region of Northern Ontario I decided to post it earlier than planned. So here it goes the honest truth about the Cost of Living in Northern Ontario compared to Southern Ontario…

Northern Gurl commented…

“This article is not truthful at all! it IS very expensive to live in Northern Ontario compared to the rest of the province. Your hydro is higher, cost of heat, food, and gas. You have to travel everywhere on deadly highways because there is only menial job available occasionally in these small places, the odd time well educated and experienced good paying jobs. Almost all the good easily attainable jobs are an hr away. In winter well over an hr. Good shopping is in the big city over an hr away. Winter is very cold, normal -30+, summer is humid and stifling. Its great to attract more tax dollars, but be honest!!”

Before we get too far lets be clear, No where is perfect and I am in no way bashing Sourthern Ontario, I don’t get paid to write these blogs or the website and I don’t make any money etc from posting them. In fact if Fauquier gets too big my property taxes would probably grow right along with it so saying that let’s start by tackling the whole job market issue…

Current Vacancies Hearst-Kapuskasing-Smooth Rock Falls

Medical Marijuana Plant to bring 60+ jobs to Kapuskasing in 2018

There are some crazy misconceptions and myths running around. Southerners think it costs a fortune to live up here and many lifetime Northerners have the impression that the costs of living in the North are considerably higher than that of their Southern neighbors. But is life really so much better down South?

As someone who has lived all over Southwestern Ontario, and even in England for a number of years and who now happily resides in the Northeastern Ontario region 20 mins east of Kapuskasing let me reassure you…

Northerners have it made!

I’ll give you a little background information so you know where I am coming from, and to reassure you all of the information in the article has been researched not just pulled out of thin air.


Lets start with housing, I have chosen Kapuskasing as the representative community for this region of Northeastern Ontario as it is the most expensive and costs will be comparatively lower in surrounding communities. For example, in the village of Fauquier the average price for a 3 bed, detached home is around $50k to purchase. Town Water & Sewage Fees and property taxes for a 3 bed home are each approximately $900  annually, electricity is billed at Medium Density – Residential Rates with Hydro One.

*Disclaimer: Please note, the Heating Costs and Property Taxes have been obtained directly from home owners living and paying bills in similar properties in the same communities as the listed homes pictured in the below table to ensure they are as accurate and current as possible, they are NOT specific to the properties pictured.




Riverside Park Area


burlington branthills community

Branthill area



windsor comparison prop.jpg

Pillette & Tecumseh


guelph comparison prop exhib.jpg

Exhibition Park



Riverside Area

Purchase Price & Down Payment Required $105,000 purchase

$5,250 down

$530,000 purchase

$26,500 down

$169,000 purchase

$8450 down

$550,000 purchase

$ 27,500 down

$288,000 purchase

$14,400 down

Monthly Mortgage Payment $489.64 $2471.49 $788.08 $2564.76 $1343.00
Total Cost of House and Interest Payments $146,871.22 $741,354.19 $236,393.70 $769,328.78 $402848.71
Property Taxes $1,700 per year $6000 per year $2,080 per year $3500 – $4500 per year $3600-5000 per year
Avg. Monthly Heating Costs $150- Gas Heat $150 – Gas Heat $80 – Gas Heat $165 – Gas Heat $90 -Gas Heat
Avg. Annual Cost of Home Ownership $9,375.68 $37,457.88 $12,496.96 $32,757.12 $21,396.00
Minimum Annual Family Income Required to Purchase $25,000 or less $110,000 $35,000 $110,000 $60,000

Current Property Lisitngs Hearst-Kapuskasing-Smooth Rock Falls

Each of the sample properties in the above chart range in square footage of between 1100 sq ft and 1400 sq ft in property. Tax rates will vary based on the assessed value of a property as done by MPAC and you can find the tax rate calculation formulas for Kapuskasing here.

In the above table $ amounts are in CAD and reflect costs and rates as of the date of publication (Dec 2017). The Mortgage Calculations are based on first time home owners mortgage requirements (5% down) on a 25 year mortgage with a 3.34% 4 year term fixed mortgage rate with TDCanadatrust. The table does not factor in Land Transfer Tax Costs and Mortgage Insurance Costs which increase with the cost of the house and the individual circumstances of the home buyer.

As you will note from the above table the cost of entry into the housing market in Kapuskasing and region is much, much lower than in other Ontario communities. A young individual or couple, even a single parent stands a much better chance of being able to purchase a property and still have money left out of their wages for living and savings. I could go into further discussion about how the cost of housing to income ratio here in the north puts homeowners in a position to save even more on their homes by increasing their mortgage payments and paying off sooner to lower the interest they pay over the life of their mortgage, but that is a topic for another day.

Heating Costs

Heating your home with electricity is a nightmare in ALL of Ontario and not just here in the North. That being said Northern homes have a tendency to be much better insulated than their southern counterparts, they have to be its cold. The fact that we have not cut down all the trees provides a surprising benefit too as it makes a natural wind break, good luck with that down south. The cost of the electricity itself is no more expensive because the price is regulated and exactly the same down south. Northerners have the same options to use oil, propane and natural gas to heat their homes as well as good old fashioned wood. It’s considerably easier to get a woodstove installed (from a building permit perspective) up here than down south and the costs of running it are entirely related to your own level of ambition. If you don’t have your own tree lot to cut your own wood for free than you can buy it cut at around $60 a cord. I ambitiously bought 25 cords my first year and it lasted almost two years. If you don’t have a wood lot and you don’t want to buy from someone else you can always get a permit to cut wood on crown land for personal use fuel wood. 

While it might get pretty cold around here in the winter along with most of the rest of Canada, summers tend to be pretty mild and even the hottest days of the summer are marked by the complete absence of the sticky humidity and smog that covers everything south of Barrie. Anyone who’s ever traveled north through Barrie in the summer has probably seen for themselves the yellowish green haze in their rear-view mirror that hangs over all of Southern Ontario. I don’t even own an air conditioner up here, down south it was an absolute must, and ran continuously from April/May to October with a two week rest generally before having to switch on the heat.


I often see comments about the high cost of food in Northern and remote communities. The communities of Smooth Rock Falls – Kapuskasing – Hearst all have the advantage of being situated directly on the Transnational Highway. Which means we get all the same groceries at pretty much the same prices as Southern communities. Just to give you an idea of the costs, check out the following chart for Grocery Stores in our local communities. I personally checked these prices at each store. Heck I’ll show you my grocery bill to feed a family of 7 if your that interested. (Note: Freshmart was still in the process of stocking its new store when I had the opportunity to go in, some items were not yet available, and some less expensive alternatives may not have yet made it in on the shelves.)

Item Larabie’s Independent – Kapuskasing Epicere – Co-op Moonbeam Freshmart – Smooth Rock Falls
4Litre 2% Milk $4.27 $6.89 $6.99
Beef Steak Striploin

$6.88/lb – Sale ($5 off)

Ground Beef

4.39 kg  on sale

Steak striploin

$15.41 /kg

Ground Beef

$8.80/kg- frozen

$11.99/kg -fresh

Striploin Steak $15.41/kg
Bread $2.49 $2.79 $2.29
Cheese 450g block cheddar $4.99 $7.99 $7.49
Margarine – lowest priced 454g available $2.79 $1.99 $2.79
Lettuce Romaine 6 pack


Baby Spinach 5oz cont- $5

Romaine – $1.89

Romaine Hearts  3 pack – $2.99

$1.79 Green Leaf

$1.59 Iceberg

 $2.99 Dole Salad Mix
Pasta $1.99   PC No Name  900g $2.99  Lancia  900 g $2.79  900g
Pasta Sauce – lowest priced can $0.88   Hunt’s $1.99 Primo $2.29
Cherrios – 450g $2.49  – on sale $5.99 $4.99

This is just a very general idea to demonstrate the prices, food is just as readily available here for a good price as anywhere else. You may find a slight difference, generally seasonal, in the price of some items compared to those in communities in Southern Ontario. However, by increasing the local population, along with the increasing number of local market gardeners and farmers the costs of many fresh fruits, vegetables and meat are and will continue to go down in the future as local competition and availability increases. My personal experience shopping for a large family, I have found little difference between what I spend here shopping in the North compared to the prices I paid in Southwestern Ontario. In reality I find I actually spend less and have more food available at home. Many of the fresh berries that cost a lot in the grocery stores both here and in the south can be freely picked out in the bush here if fresh air and nature don’t scare you. I still have multiple bags of berries picked from the bush around my home this summer in my freezer.


The price of Gas in our Northern Communities will give you a case of sticker shock, they generally fluctuate between $1.09 L and $1.27 L. The gas stations in Smooth Rock Falls and Moonbeam are generally higher, while Flying J in Kapuskasing usually has the lowest. Over the Christmas holidays (all within the same 24hr period) Kapuskasing prices at Flying J $1.11L, Esso & Shell $1.22 L, Moonbeam $1.25 L and Smooth Rock Falls $1.27 L. Gas prices everywhere are ridiculous, but you have to remember most of your driving in Northern Ontario will be highway or country driving which obtains a MUCH better L/Km consumption rate than city driving.

Just as an aside about the safety of our local roads. Having driven all of the highways of Canada and the United States as a Professional Transport driver, as well as those in Europe along with country back roads, and pot holed city streets. I can comfortably say our Northern Highways are extremely well maintained, and generally very safe. Winter driving here is not as plagued as southern roadways with blowing and drifting snow  producing poor visibility thanks to the wind barrier created by the forests. Not only that but local’s generally have enough sense to stay home when the weather and driving conditions are poor.

Phone & Internet

Eastlink – $132.95 per month for Unlimited Wifi and Full Featured Home Phone
Northerntel– $ 85.88 per month for Unlimited Wifi and Full Featured Home Phone
Neotech – $39.95 – $94.95 per month depending on speed for Unlimited Wifi (No Phone)

There are a number of others available as well.

Other items

There are a number of side benefits to living up north that locals here take for granted and southerners just never consider. With smaller schools and class sizes, students of all abilities stand a much greater likelihood of receiving scholarships and grants upon graduation from high school. Every student in last years graduating class from KDHS received a scholarhip or grant of one kind or another. The bilingual community will rub off on your kids too, and guess what, that bilingual ability will mean your kids have more employment opportunities which also usually brings a higher income. Jobs requiring qualifications often tend to pay more up here than they do down south. For example the average PSW salary in cities in Southwestern Ontario ranges between $15/hr and $17/hr (Dec 2017) while in Kapuskasing the average pay is over $20/hr.

Car & House Insurance premiums are generally lower than for comparative items in Southern Ontario.

Recreation Activities that directly or indirectly cost $$ to engage in down south can be often be done for free or a substantially lower cost up here. Everything from Hiking, Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Boating, Camping, Cycling and more can be done for less because the opportunities to do so are generally on your doorstep or a short walk away and can often be done so without entry/usage fees.

As with many small rural communities in Southwestern Ontario, our local communities suffered a tremendous hit with the changing economy. Manufacturing jobs are sparse everywhere and the same is true here, low skill entry level jobs are starting to pick up again as our local communities have gotten themselves at the forefront of new industries. (See Medical Marijuana Plant bringing 60+ jobs to Kapuskasing in 2018) However, good paying, stable employment for professionals, skilled trades and other qualifications are booming in our communities and many jobs continuously go unfilled. And just like many of those small southern towns that have seen the chain stores come and go from their communities only to have a new generation of young and creative entrepreneurs move into create vibrant new town centres, our local communities are in the same position offering tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to start up businesses of all sizes and varieties at costs that simply can’t be matched.

All of your basic needs are covered here and you can get them for pretty much the same prices that you would pay in Southern Ontario Communities. Just about anything else can be ordered online or purchased in Timmins.

If you can’t live without bright lights, busy streets, and crowded shopping malls then yeah, the North probably isn’t for you.

Free Land to Build your Dream Home for the New Year – Terrain libre pour construire votre maison de rêve pour la nouvelle année

The cheap land offered by Smooth Rock Falls has all been snapped up, but the neighboring community of Fauquier has vacant, serviced residential lots available free of charge. With numerous amenities, low living costs, beautiful scenery, and a hot local job market, these Northern Communities are fast becoming the go to place for wannabe Home owners tired of high cost city life. For more info read the full article.

Version Française

Have you been dreaming of building a new home, but finding yourself getting tired of searching through overpriced and overcrowded building lots? Tired of having to pick through a small selection of ‘model homes’ that never really manage to look quite like the dream home you have in your imagination, but still manage to look like a hundred other houses in the same subdivision. Are you unsettled by all the tightly packed houses with equally tightly packed backyards? Looking for a New Build home anywhere in Southwestern Ontario is enough to give you grey hair, which you might not have lost all of by the time you manage to finish paying off a mortgage on one of them. Way back in 1984 a New Build 3 bedroom home in the Paisley Rd and Whitelaw Rd area of Guelph cost $65,000. At that time Guelph was a popular escape for Torontonians looking to get a foot on the housing ladder. Today, houses in the same neighbourhood sell for $500,000. You can save a little by moving out to some of the smaller communities but to get any real cost savings you will have to put some serious distance between yourself and your job, which means lots of time on the road, in traffic and lots of wear on your car.

Let’s be honest here, you know exactly what kind of home you want but all the building lots come with huge price tags, whether you are buying in a new subdivision or a separate lot of your own. That piece of land can be one of the single biggest ongoing price tags that comes with building your dream home. It’s not just the cost of the land itself but also the cost of getting building permits, and establishing utilities, and the ongoing expenses of high property taxes, along with water and sewage costs.

What if I told you there was a place in Ontario, plentiful with both well paying jobs and business opportunities for professionals, within a short 20 minute commute, that also has low cost residential building lots for you to build your dream home.

And just to be clear here, when I say low cost what i actually mean is No Cost.

What if I told you that in this same community you could enjoy access to over 1500+ km of top rated OFSC snowmobile trails, access to endless rivers and lakes for fishing and boating, and 100,000’s of acres of forest to explore.

 What if I told you this little community also has safe, quiet streets where kids still ride around on their bikes all summer long, sled on the hills and skate at the free public skating rink all winter. A place where neighbours generally know each other by name but still say Hello or Bonjour and stop for a chat even if they don’t.

What if I told you the combined annual property taxes and municipal water & sewage fees on your property would likely average less than $2000 every year.

 Believe it or not, the icing on the cake, you can get to this quiet little community from downtown Toronto in 3 hours, and with no traffic jams! That is a 90 minute trip on one of Porter Airlines twice daily trips to Timmins and a peaceful 90 minute drive through beautiful Northern Ontario forest. You might even get a chance to see some of the local wildlife on the way, as Moose and Bears can often be seen enjoying the grass on the side of the highway.

That’s faster than trying to get to Overpriced Huntsville from Downtown T.O.

Now you’ve probably heard of the Town of Smooth Rock Falls in the news over recent months, and the two releases of over 32 vacant municipal lots they have listed for sale. The town has experienced such a dramatic success with both of these recent announcements that the land on offer has been snapped up at incredibly low prices! The town has even put in place a number of incentives to encourage new commercial and residential builds in their community. Smooth Rock Falls however, isn’t the only town in this region with great deals for those wanting to build their homes or businesses in these communities. Travel 20 mins west from Smooth Rock Falls along the Transnational Highway 11 and you will come across the beautiful little VILLAGE OF FAUQUIER nestled along the shores of the Groundhog River. It would be easy to dismiss this quiet, well-kept community, but it holds a long held secret that doesn’t get much air time, and little more than a brief mention anywhere on the internet.

The Secret

The town has a number of municipally owned, vacant, serviced, residential building lots available to families who wish to build a Residence in the Community. The price tag for these building lots….. $0.00.

You read that right $0.00, it’s not a typo, the land to build your dream home is available free of charge.   CONTACT THE MUNICIPAL OFFICE AT (705) 339-2521 FOR MORE DETAILS


You’re probably wondering what must be wrong with the village that they are willing to give land away for free? Well let me assure you there is nothing wrong with this little village, in fact it has much more going for it than you might think;

The town is only 20 minutes away from the local commercial centre of Kapuskasing, where some of the regions biggest employers are located. There is a demand for professionals and skilled trades alike throughout the community, and with the recent announcement of the building of a new Medical Marijuana Facility in Kapuskasing in 2018 bringing with it 60+ jobs, the job prospects just keep growing. (We post a weekly blog of currently available job openings so be sure to check it out, you can get to it from HERE.)

The Village of Fauquier offers some amazing amenities that are a short walk from anywhere in the village. A beautifully maintained outdoor skating rink with a clubhouse with free public skating as well as a basketball court, a skate board park and a play ground.

The Community Centre situated in the middle of the village behind the church also houses the town offices and the surprisingly well stocked public library that carries a large selection of both English and French language books for all ages in addition to a very up to date DVD and Bilingual audio book collection that would rival that of many big city libraries. Village residents can also become members of the Kapuskasing Public Library which provides additional access to Overdrive digital media and other online library resources. A Nurse Practitioner Led Health Centre is also  located next door to the Community Centre.

There is a boat launch and picnic area providing access to the Groundhog River, as well access to the large lakes located in the community. Every summer the picnic area hosts the weekly farmers market, and a number of well attended community events take place throughout the year.

The local corner store is also home to a Canada Post Agency and L.C.B.O. Agency.

The postal service is just as fast here as anywhere else in Canada, you will still get your Amazon Prime and Purolator shipments in the guaranteed time, usually faster. Competitive high speed Wifi services are available from Eastlink, Northerntel, and a local startup Neotech, which makes telecommuting for work or managing your own online business a simple and cost effective task. You can click on the links for each service provider to search for costs for the local P0L 1G0 postal code.

There are a number of grocery stores in neighbouring communities; Larabies Independent ( Kapuskasing 20 minutes West), Co-op Epicere (Moonbeam 6 minutes West), Freshmart & Sunshine Produce (Smooth Rock Falls 20 minutes East). There are also a number of large grocery chains and garden market stores in Timmins 1 1/2 hours south east. Grocery costs are no different here than they are anywhere else in Southwestern Ontario as the communities are located right along the Transnational Highway.


While there is no longer a school in the village, there is door to door school bus services to the French Catholic Primary School, 6 minutes away in Moonbeam. As well as to both English and French primary and secondary schools in Kapuskasing. You can get more information about the local schools Here.


Northern living is not for everyone, you have to love trees, peacefulness and snow, lots of snow. However if you live in the snow belt in Southwestern Ontario you are already used to it, but you will probably enjoy the break from the endless snow drifts and blowing snow the thick forests here provide. The temperatures do get pretty cold but if you dress properly there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the beautiful forests, trails, lakes and rivers in our communities year round.


Many people make the mistake of assuming that the costs of living in this region of Northern Ontario must be astronomical but they are often confusing our local communities with isolated communities along the James Bay coast and and even further north were access to the communities is seasonal, or which require fly-in or rail-in access. For more info about the Cost of Living in our Communuities

You will be pleasantly surprised by what our local communities have to offer being located directly on the path of a major transnational shipping route our communities have access to all the same goods that are available in the south we just get the beautiful scenery, fresh air and affordable housing that simply don’t exist in Southwestern Ontario.

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Rêvez-vous de construire une nouvelle maison, mais vous êtes fatigué de chercher dans des terrains trop chers et surpeuplés? Fatigué d’avoir à choisir parmi une petite sélection de «maisons modèles» qui n’arrivent jamais vraiment à ressembler à la maison de rêve que vous avez dans votre imagination, mais parviennent toujours à ressembler à une centaine d’autres maisons dans le même lotissement. Vous cherchez une maison de construction neuve partout dans le sud-ouest de l’Ontario est suffisant pour vous donner des cheveux gris, que vous pourriez ne pas avoir tous perdu au moment où vous parvenez à terminer rembourser une hypothèque sur l’un d’eux. En 1984, une maison neuve de 3 chambres dans la région de Paisley Rd et de Whitelaw Rd à Guelph a coûté 65 000 $. À cette époque, Guelph était une échappatoire populaire pour les Torontois qui cherchaient à acheter leur première maison. Aujourd’hui, les maisons du même quartier se vendent 500 000 $. Vous pouvez épargner un peu en déménageant dans certaines petites collectivités, mais pour réaliser des économies réelles, vous devrez vous éloigner sérieusement de votre travail, ce qui signifie beaucoup de temps sur la route, dans la circulation et beaucoup d’usure sur ta voiture. Soyons honnête ici, vous savez exactement quel type de maison vous voulez, mais tous les lots de construction viennent avec des étiquettes de prix énormes, que vous achetiez dans un nouveau lotissement ou un lot distinct de votre propre. Ce morceau de terre peut être l’une des plus grandes étiquettes de prix en cours qui vient avec la construction de votre maison de rêve. Ce n’est pas seulement le coût de la terre elle-même, mais aussi le coût de l’obtention des permis de construire et de l’établissement des services publics, ainsi que les dépenses permanentes de taxes foncières élevées, ainsi que les coûts d’eau et d’égout.

Et si je vous disais qu’il y avait un endroit en Ontario, plein d’emplois bien rémunérés et d’occasions d’affaires pour les professionnels, dans un court trajet de 20 minutes, qui a aussi des terrains résidentiels à faible coût pour construire votre maison de rêve.

Et juste pour être clair ici, quand je dis à faible coût ce que je veux dire en réalité est gratuit.

Et si je vous disais que dans cette même communauté, vous pourriez profiter de plus de 1500 km de sentiers de motoneige OFSC, d’un accès à des rivières et des lacs sans fin pour la pêche et la navigation, et de 100 000 acres de forêt à explorer.

Et si je vous disais que cette petite communauté a aussi des rues sûres et calmes où les enfants se baladent toujours en vélo tout l’été, traînent sur les collines et patinent à la patinoire publique gratuite tout l’hiver. Un endroit où les voisins se connaissent généralement par leur nom, mais disent encore Bonjour et s’arrêtent pour discuter même s’ils ne le font pas.

Et si je vous disais que les taxes foncières annuelles combinées et les frais municipaux d’eau et d’égouts de votre propriété seraient probablement inférieurs à 2 000 $ par année.

Croyez-le ou non, la cerise sur le gâteau, vous pouvez arriver à cette petite communauté tranquille du centre-ville de Toronto en 3 heures, et sans embouteillages! C’est un voyage de 90 minutes sur l’un des trajets quotidiens de Porter Airlines à Timmins et un trajet paisible de 90 minutes à travers la magnifique forêt du Nord de l’Ontario. Vous pourriez même avoir la chance de voir une partie de la faune locale sur le chemin, comme Orignals et Ours peuvent souvent être vus en profitant de l’herbe sur le bord de l’autoroute.

C’est plus rapide que d’essayer de se rendre à Huntsville trop cher du centre-ville de T.O.

Vous avez probablement entendu parler de la ville de Smooth Rock Falls au cours des derniers mois et des deux communiqués de plus de 32 terrains municipaux vacants qu’ils ont mis en vente. La ville a connu un tel succès spectaculaire avec ces deux annonces récentes que le terrain offert a été acheté à des prix incroyablement bas!La ville a même mis en place un certain nombre d’incitatifs pour encourager de nouvelles constructions commerciales et résidentielles dans leur communauté. Smooth Rock Falls, cependant, n’est pas la seule ville de cette région avec de bonnes affaires pour ceux qui veulent construire leurs maisons ou leurs entreprises dans ces communautés. Voyage 20 minutes à l’ouest de Smooth Rock Falls le long de la route Transnational 11 et vous rencontrerez le beau petit village de Fauquier niché le long des rives de la rivière Groundhog. Il serait facile de rejeter cette communauté tranquille et bien entretenue, mais elle contient un long secret qui n’obtient pas beaucoup de temps d’antenne, et un peu plus qu’une brève mention n’importe où sur Internet.

Le secret

La ville possède un certain nombre de terrains à bâtir appartenant à la municipalité, vacants, viabilisés et résidentiels disponibles pour les familles qui souhaitent construire une résidence dans la communauté. L’étiquette de prix pour ces lots de construction ….. 0,00 $.

Vous avez bien lu 0,00 $, ce n’est pas une faute de frappe, le terrain pour construire votre maison de rêve est disponible gratuitement.

Vous vous demandez probablement ce qui ne va pas avec le village qu’ils sont prêts à donner des terres gratuitement? Eh bien, laissez-moi vous assurer qu’il n’y a rien de mal avec ce petit village, en fait il y a beaucoup plus de choses à faire que vous ne le pensez;

La ville est à seulement 20 minutes du centre commercial local de Kapuskasing, où se trouvent certains des plus gros employeurs de la région. Il y a une demande pour les professionnels et les métiers spécialisés dans toute la communauté, et avec l’annonce récente de la construction d’une nouvelle installation médicale de marijuana à Kapuskasing en 2018 apportant plus de 60 emplois, les perspectives d’emploi ne cessent d’augmenter. (Nous publions un blog hebdomadaire des offres d’emploi actuellement disponibles alors assurez-vous de vérifier, vous pouvez y accéder de ICI.)

Le Village de Fauquier offre des commodités étonnantes qui sont à quelques pas de n’importe où dans le village. Une patinoire en plein air magnifiquement entretenue avec un club-house avec patinage libre, un terrain de basketball, un parc de planches à roulettes et une aire de jeux.

Le centre communautaire situé au milieu du village derrière l’église abrite également les bureaux de la ville et la bibliothèque publique étonnamment bien garnie qui offre un grand choix de livres en anglais et en français pour tous les âges en plus d’un DVD très à jour et Une collection de livres audio bilingue qui rivaliserait avec celle de nombreuses bibliothèques de grandes villes. Les résidents du village peuvent également devenir membres de la bibliothèque publique de Kapuskasing, ce qui offre un accès supplémentaire aux médias numériques Overdrive et à d’autres ressources de bibliothèque en ligne.

Il y a une rampe de mise à l’eau et une aire de pique-nique donnant accès à la rivière Groundhog, ainsi qu’un accès aux grands lacs situés dans la collectivité. Chaque été, l’aire de pique-nique accueille le marché hebdomadaire des agriculteurs, et un certain nombre d’événements communautaires bien fréquentés ont lieu tout au long de l’année.

Le magasin du coin local abrite également une agence de Postes Canada et L.C.B.O. Agence.

Le service postal est aussi rapide ici que partout ailleurs au Canada, vous obtiendrez toujours vos envois Amazon Prime et Purolator dans le temps garanti, généralement plus rapidement. Des services de Wi-Fi haute vitesse concurrentiels sont offerts par Eastlink, Northerntel, et une entreprise locale, Neotech. Ce qui rend le télétravail pour le travail ou la gestion de votre entreprise en ligne une tâche simple et rentable. Vous pouvez cliquer sur les liens de chaque fournisseur de services pour rechercher les coûts du code postal local P0L 1G0.

Il y a un certain nombre d’épiceries dans les communautés avoisinantes; Larabies Independent (Kapuskasing 20 minutes à l’ouest), Co-op Epicere (Moonbeam 6 minutes à l’ouest), Freshmart & Sunshine Produce (Smooth Rock Falls 20 minutes à l’est). Il y a aussi un certain nombre de grandes chaînes d’épicerie et des magasins de marché de jardin à Timmins 1 1/2 heures au sud-est. Les coûts d’épicerie ne sont pas différents ici que partout ailleurs dans le Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario, car les collectivités sont situées le long de la route Transnationale.

Bien qu’il n’y ait plus d’école dans le village, il y a des services de transport scolaire de porte à porte à l’école primaire catholique française, à 6 minutes à Moonbeam. Ainsi qu’aux écoles primaires et secondaires anglaises et françaises de Kapuskasing. Vous pouvez obtenir plus d’informations sur les écoles locales ICI.

La vie dans le Nord n’est pas pour tout le monde, il faut aimer les arbres, la tranquillité et la neige, beaucoup de neige. Cependant, si vous vivez dans la ceinture de neige du sud-ouest de l’Ontario, vous y êtes déjà habitué, mais vous apprécierez probablement la pause des interminables dérives de neige et de la poudrerie que procurent les forêts épaisses. Les températures sont plutôt froides, mais si vous vous habillez correctement, rien ne vous empêche de profiter des belles forêts, des sentiers, des lacs et des rivières de nos collectivités tout au long de l’année.

Beaucoup de gens font l’erreur de supposer que le coût de la vie dans cette région du Nord de l’Ontario est astronomique, mais ils confondent souvent nos communautés locales avec des communautés isolées le long de la côte de la Baie James et même plus au nord, ou qui nécessitent un accès par avion ou par rail.

Vous serez agréablement surpris par ce que nos communautés locales ont à offrir étant situé directement sur le chemin d’une importante route maritime transnationale où nos communautés ont accès à tous les mêmes biens qui sont disponibles dans le sud, nous obtenons juste les beaux paysages, l’air frais et des logements abordables qui n’existent tout simplement pas dans le sud-ouest de l’Ontario.

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